Making Dreams Come True

PBC knows the importance of “Making Your Dreams Come True”.

High Quality without Compromise

Why compromise quality for price?
Plaza Board Centre (PBC) provides high quality local and international boards, accessories and services.

Accuracy and Renowned Experience

PBC offers pin point accuracy, flexibility and renowned experience in the industry.

Latest Technology

The latest technology allows PBC to process orders faster, providing you with one of the quickest turnaround times.

Merging Old Fashioned Craftsmanship with Cutting Edge Technology

PBC is bringing back old world craftsmanship; tailored, exact and magnificent, together with new age technology and know-how.

We pride ourselves on personal attention to detail and quality service.

Making a Difference to the Environments and Communities

We currently employ 290 staff members throughout the PBC Group.

We are active in various socio-economic upliftment programs, which makes a great difference to our environment and communities.

Cutting, Edging and Wrapping

We cut, edge and wrap; with everything in between.

Don't Settle for Less

Why settle or pay for anything less?

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